In a World Full of Digital Products and Downloads, 1:1 Personalized Focused Attention is What Clients CRAVE! 

Dear Coach, Healer, Heart-Centered Service Provider,

No matter how many products, programs or digital downloads we buy, nothing can take the place of working one-to-one with a high level coach (that's YOU!). 

The fact remains that true connection with a coach, healer or service provider is invaluable for creating massive results and transformation on-the-spot with clients. In a sea of information on the internet, clients are overwhelmed, confused and just want someone to hold their hand and bring them through to the real results they crave. 

And that's where VIP DAYS come in!

VIP DAY Definition: A deep-dive session where you hold a container of space for your clients to focus on ONE or TWO topics and create a massive breakthrough in how they think and feel or to get something specific accomplished and checked off their list. Example: Completing a Signature Talk, Revamping a Closet, Creating a Life or Biz Plan.

My name is Jessica Riverson, Founder of the Permission to Charge Academ and a slew of other products and programs teaching coaches how to charge and receive their worth by creating and selling high-ticket programs.

But I didn't get my start by creating online programs or high ticket group programs! I actually started by creating, marketing and selling VIP DAYS!

My first 4 clients were VIP Day Clients and 3/4 of them said YES to ongoing coaching with me for SIX MONTHS! I was so thrilled I couldn't even contain myself! Talk about a Quick Cash Infusion! Even though I wasn't charging very much at first---I felt like I had won the lottery when I enrolled that first VIP day client. 

And now over the past 4 years I've perfected the art of creating, marketing and delivering VIP DAYS. I now call them Luxurious Business Intensives and I charge 10 X more than when I first started. Here are just a few incredible women I've had the privilege to do an Intensive with:

Now, I want you to take a moment to IMAGINE that you are working with a private client in a Luxurious Location and they have just invested a large amount to spend a day or even a couple days' time with you.... 

You're excited because you've just brought a cash infusion into your business and your client is SO EXCITED to work with you! Now you're making the preparations for the venue and setting your agenda for the day and you already feel how powerful this day is going to be. 

You arrive to the venue, with your hair done, amazing outfit and you're ready to serve your client at the deepest level. The day goes smoothly as planned, your client is absolutely going ga-ga over you and the experience of your coaching. She even completes the day by making you an incredible video testimonial. You offer an opportunity for ongoing coaching, your client says YES, signs the new coaching agreement and leaves THANKING you for all the transformations that just took place.

You're walking out of the beautiful venue on a HIGH......and feeling ready to…… book your NEXT VIP DAY!

I want that experience for YOU and especially for your client--ANY time you choose to create it, which is why I've created Lucrative and Live VIP Days: Create, Market and Fill your VIP Days for a Quick Cash Infusion. 

I've specifically designed a VIP DAY experience to teach coaches, consultants and healers just like you How to Create VIP DAY Offers that SELL like hotcakes to your ideal clients with Ease. 

You're actually going to gain access to 2 Live Recordings of Virtual "Group" VIP Days (8 hrs of training) that I've conducted, walking you through the step-by-step process my students have used to create and sell their own VIP Days for $1500 to $7000 within just two weeks of taking this training.

 "This is the venue I use to host my VIP Days!"

You'll also be invited to work personally with me during a 90 Minute Coaching call with an intimate group of only 10 coaches so that I can help you Name and Customize your VIP Day and answer any burning questions you have!

You'll get my eyes on your VIP Day offer so that when you put it in the marketplace it'll ready to sell like hot cakes!

Here is what you're going to learn:

  • How to package up your expertise into a winning VIP Day offer that draws your ideal clients in and has them asking, "Where do I sign up?" 
  • How to Name your VIP Day so you'll attract clients to your offer NOW 
  • How to structure your VIP Day and what to put on your VIP Day Agenda (plus what you absolutely MUST leave out if you want it to be a success!) 
  • The Formula for making an offer to continue working with even AFTER the VIP day is over. 
  • What to wear and what to bring to your VIP Day so that you're totally prepared, feeling confident and ready to WOW your client. 
  • How to make sure your client doesn’t get overwhelmed on your VIP Day and leaves excited and happy! • How much you should pay for a VIP day venue and how to scout one out! 
  • The difference between a half-day VIP and a full-day VIP 
  • The main difference between a LIVE and VIRTUAL VIP Day. 
  • How to conduct a “Virtual” VIP Day that still delivers the value--but you never have to leave your home!! 
  • The exact “outcome” you should be promising for your VIP Day, so you can under promise and over deliver—every single time! 
  • What type of homework you should expect your client to do prior to the VIP day so they are totally prepared 
  • And Of course, What to Charge for your VIP Day! I’ll show you how to create premium pricing, a payment option and show you how to avoid some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made when getting paid for VIP Days. 

Here's what you're going to receive:

  • My exact VIP Day agenda PLUS 3 sample agendas for you to model 
  • 10 examples of experiential activities you can do with your clients that are perfect for a VIP Day experience, regardless of the niche you're in. 
  • My Pre-VIP Day Checklist, Day Of-VIP Day and Post-VIP Day Checklist, so that you always have your ducks in a row! 
  • My Biggest Do's and Don'ts Cheat Sheet (trust me, you NEED this). Top VIP Day Bonus Idea Sheet to make investing in a VIP day with you an Automatic YES! 
  • Top VIP Day Bonus Idea Sheet to make investing in a VIP day with you an Automatic YES! 
  • My Virtual VIP Day Tip Sheet (so you can still WOW your clients even if you're not in person). 
  • My Done-For-You Marketing Plan &Timeline for immediately marketing your VIP Days using email, Facebook, speaking and networking.
  • My “VIP EXPERIENCE” Tip Sheet so you can make the customer experience is oh-so-VIP every step of the way! 
  • Sample Welcome Letter to Clients + I’ll share the “special” things I do along the way to make my clients feel VIP. 
  • How to determine the perfect length of time your VIP Day needs to be to yield results. 
  • My Powerful Pricing Guide so you can easily and confident state your prices and your payment plan option. 

Some of Jessica's Past Clients:

Here’s How the Program Works: 

When you enroll in Lucrative and Live VIP Intensives, You’ll immediately get a welcome letter from me and my team and have access to the membership site where you’ll find a personal video from me. 

You’ll also get access to a private FB group just for Lucrative and Live Members so that you can start masterminding and strategizing with your buddies in there!  

You'll get the entire step-by-step workbook, 6 interviews with powerhouse coaches selling their intensives from 1K to 20K from a variety of niches, AND you'll get to watch 2 of my best 4 hour workshop trainings to get your VIP Day, named, created and ready to market and sell!

Bonus #1: ($697 value) Six Permission to Charge Interviews with Top Coaches from 6 different niches who charge $1,000 to $20,000 for their VIP Days. They will be giving you the inside scoop on how they learned to charge their worth for VIP Days, how they run their VIP days and their best tips for creating, marketing and selling out their VIP Day spots! Learning from these industry leaders will take your VIP Day game to the next level. 

Bonus #2: ($497 Value) My Plug & Profit "Swipe Copy" I've used to offer my VIP Days to my email subscribers and FB followers and get people booking discovery sessions and enrolling in VIP Days.

Bonus #3: ($497 Value) "Name your VIP Day" Group Coaching session with Jessica (limit 10 people). 

 Let's Talk about the Investment...

With the bonuses equalling $1300 and the program itself valued at $1997, everything you'll get here in this program is worth over $3000.

Students who have completed this program have gone on to sell their own Lucrative VIP Days for $1500, $2000 and even $7000, not once but over and over again.

This is a powerful cash-infusion strategy you can use ANY time you want in your business!

Quite frankly, if you're 100% committed to being a high-end coach and Charging a minimum of $1500 or more for your half or full day VIP Days, you have to be willing to invest in your success. 

Total Value $3000

 Your Investment: $1997


Q: I’m not a Business Coach, Will VIP Days work for my niche? 

A: YES. VIP Days work in a variety of niches: Health, Spirituality, Relationships, Business, Transformation and everything in between. I can’t think of any niche that can’t use VIP days. You can message me on FB if you want me to answer this for your personal niche. 

Q: How much can I charge for a VIP Day? 

A: My clients are charging between $997 and $5000 typically for a VIP Day 

Q: How soon can I be offering and selling VIP days after the program? 

A: I’ll be totally honest with you, if follow along during our program and fill out everything I give you, you’ll be ready to offer a VIP Day the very next day. 

Jessica Riverson Permission to Charge® 

P.S. If you’ve been oogling over pictures of other coaches and service providers, traveling the world, hosting clients in Luxurious Locations and wondering how they’ve been doing it, and you’re no longer willing to be just on the sidelines—then get in the game. That’s how I started. Never did I think I’d actually be hosting this incredible VIP Days in such Luxurious Locations and have clients be excited to invest in working with me---but it happened because I was fiercely committed to making it happen. Let me fast-track you so don’t have to just “dream” about it for as many years as I did! I can’t wait to personally help get your first (or next) VIP Day marketed and SOLD!

Total Value $3000

 Your Investment: $1997

Copyright 2016 Jessica Riverson